Development of 400/220/110 kV Pątnów substation, with connection of Kromolice-Pątnów 400 kV line

The Pątnów 400/220/110 kV electrical power substation is located by the Pątnów Power Station, in Wielkopolska Province, Konin County.

The substation consists of:

  • indoor 400 kV, 8DQ1 type, GIS switching station (with SF6 gas insulation reducing the footprint area, and ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness). This is a two-system substation, with the connected 460 MW power unit and AT2 400/220 kV autotransformer,
  • outdoor 220 kV switchyard in three-system layout, with connected lines: Jasiniec 1, Jasiniec 2, Czerwonak, Konin 1, Konin 2, Podolszyce and Włocławek Azoty, power unit lines: TB2, TB4, TB5 and TB6 from Pątnów Power Station, autotransformers AT1 220/110 kV and AT2 400/220 kV, and the back-up transformer of the power station general needs.
  • outdoor 110 kV switchyard in two-system layout with connected lines: Witkowo, Mogilno, Walcownia, Konin, Pakość 2, Kazimierz mine, Janikowo, Kleczew, Jóźwin 1 mine, Pątnów mine and Piotrków Kujawski, 110 kV power unit lines TB1 and TB3, two lines of the Power Station auxiliaries transformers TPW1 and TPW2, and the AT1 220/110 kV autotransformer,
  • buildings of the control room, and the compressor room auxiliaries of the 220 kV and 110 kV switchyards.

The goal of the project is to:

  • develop the transmission network: connection of 400 kV line from Kromolice substation, and preparation to the connection of the Jasiniec line, realised in a separate project task,
  • improve the reliability of power output from the Pątnów Power Station,
  • improve the operational security of distribution network in the Pątnów–Adamów–Konin node area, by implementing 400 kV voltage and transformation 400/110 kV,
  • eliminate the transmission restrictions in response to system needs.

The extensive scope of work includes:

  • development of the existing building of 400 kV GIS switching station to accommodate 12 additional 400 kV bays,
  • extension of the existing 400 kV GIS switching station by additional 10 bays,
  • construction of a new building and 110 kV GIS switching station,
  • re-connection of the outflows from the existing outdoor 110 kV switching station to the new indoor 110 kV GIS switching station,
  • extension of the control room building, with development of telecommunication facilities, and assembly of the substation new auxiliaries power supply,
  • reconstruction of the road system, external fencing and other elements of supplementary infrastructure.

The contract was concluded in July 2016. The formal/legal procedures are currently in progress.