We perform extremely responsible work in an environment with many hazards. Health and safety of our team must be and are in the first line of our activities. This is the value of the highest priority. We aim to completely eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at work. Life- or health-threatening accidents and incidents should disappear from our statistical records. We expect full involvement of every employee into this policy. Regardless any obstacles.


This the vale we follow day by day, both in contacts with our customers we work for, and within the company, between the departments and employees. We believe, that the openness and integrity provide the base for mutual trust and create a good foundation for sound relationships. They are elements of an excellent investment for the future. There is a good chance, that the customer or employee who is confident to expect from us reliability and respect, will behave the same way towards us. These are the attitudes we strive for.

‘Win-win’ approach

We’ve been convinced that the most valuable are the interactions perceived by the involved parties as mutually beneficial. We try as much as possible to understand the customer needs and submit always such a proposal in both technical and contractual terms that will bring benefits to both parties. We’ve never intend to gain an excessive profit at the customer expense. More and more often we can see the same approach in our contractual partners, what gives grounds for optimism for the future. As there is a universal natural tendency to balance, we want to keep it also in the business and interpersonal relations.


We keep proposing creative and the most effective solutions to remain in reliable service to the customers for many years. The training system operative in the company ensures the continuous improvement of the personnel qualifications. Valuable knowledge is also provided by frequent contacts with leading suppliers of equipment, facilities and technical solutions. All these efforts and our own experience allows us to guarantee with confidence that our services and designs remain steadily at the highest possible level of excellence.


In Elbud Katowice the care for the environment is not a fashionable slogan, but a number of successfully implemented procedures minimising the environmental burden of the operations. We are trying to run our activities so that their effects have no negative environmental impact. Restrictive waste management, selection of appropriate work methodology, setting the line object routes in a responsible way and minimizing tree clearance are always the main factors taken into consideration in planning and execution of the tasks entrusted to us.


We want, and this is our vision, to make Elbud Katowice the most desirable contractor of power transmission and distribution infrastructure in Poland and abroad.