Processing of personal data



  1. General provisions.
    These Regulations serve to inform contractors, associates and other interested parties of ELBUD Katowice Spółka z o.o.:
    • about the purpose, scope and categories of personal data processing,
    • about the time of data processing,
    • about their rights,
    in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 in force from May 25, 2018. on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).
    The administrator of Personal Data is ELBUD Katowice Spółka z o.o. with its registered office in Katowice (postal code 40-384) at ul. Fr. Bishop Herberta Bednorz 19 ( Any additional information related to the processing of your personal data is provided on the basis of an inquiry sent to the e-mail address: or via traditional mail to the address of the company’s registered office.
  2. Data safety.
    • We ensure that the organizational and technical solutions we use provide adequate security for the processing, flow and access to information held.
    • We ensure that data processing is carried out in accordance with applicable law.
    • The data remaining in our resources is not transferred outside the European Economic Area (EU).
    Categories of personal data collected.
    • In connection with the business activity conducted by ELBUD Katowice in the Company, personal data are processed or may be processed in the future:
    • Data of persons interested in cooperation with ELBUD Katowice.
    We process this data in order to establish cooperation with new contractors, at the request of persons interested in our offer, only for the duration of negotiations and commercial talks.
    All data in this regard are processed with the consent and to the extent provided by the interested party. Information about contractors.
    We process this data in order to comply with legal obligations, such as the Accounting Act, where legal provisions are the basis for our data processing. Information about ELBUD Katowice employees and job candidates.
    Employee data is processed in order for the Company, as an employer, to fulfill its legal obligations under the Labor Code and other provisions of labor law and social insurance.
    The data of cooperating persons are processed by the Company in order to fulfill the Company’s obligations under civil law contracts.
    The personal data of job candidates contained in the application documents are processed for the duration of the recruitment process. If the application documents consent to the processing of data for the purposes of future recruitment, the application documents and data are processed in the Company for a period of one year.
  3. Monitoring

Data from video surveillance are processed to protect people and property.
All data collected in this way is stored for one month. We assure you that these recordings will not be transferred to any other recipients and are not available to employees.

Other data entrusted in order to perform construction and assembly contracts.
The resources of ELBUD Katowice also include other personal data in relation to which the Company is not the Data Administrator, and on which tasks related to the performance of our obligations and contracts are carried out.

• The processing of personal data obtained through the implementation of such contracts is carried out only for the duration of the contracts and strictly on the terms described therein.
• Personal data may be transferred for further processing on the basis of required agreements with entities providing services necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, including entities providing technical or organizational support and entities authorized under the law.
• In each of these cases, the Company makes efforts to ensure that the data subject to processing is up-to-date and minimized in its scope so as to enable processing in accordance with the purpose of their collection.

4. Rights of individuals in the processing of personal data.
At each stage of data processing by ELBUD Katowice, the data subject has the right to:
• access to your data, including obtaining information about the scope of data processed by the Company and obtaining a copy of this data,
• modification and correction of their data, including if there are no other legal contraindications to limit the scope of their processing;
• complete deletion of your data (“the right to be forgotten”), if there are no other legal contraindications,
• not to be subject to automated decisions based on profiling;
• raise objections to improper processing of personal data (including withdrawal of consent);
• transfer of data to another Data Administrator, if the data is processed in connection with the consent granted or the concluded contract.
In order to ensure proper handling of inquiries addressed to the Company and due diligence during their handling, written requests for the exercise of rights should be sent to the address of the Company, the Personal Data Administrator.
Each submitted application is considered individually and in relation to applicable law. The possibility of exercising a specific right may depend on the legal or contractual basis used for a specific purpose of data processing.
Applications will be processed without undue delay, within a maximum of one month from their receipt, however, it is possible that due to the nature of the application it will not be possible to meet this deadline, in which case the Applicant will be notified of the delay and its reasons.
Similarly, if such circumstances occur, the Applicant will be informed of the reasons for refusing to accept and implement the application.

In order to guarantee the security of the information provided in a situation where it is not possible to correctly identify the Applicant as a person authorized to receive data, the Company reserves the right to change the method of providing information, of which the Applicant will be informed.

In the event of exercising the right to transfer data, the Data Administrator will directly send this data to another Data Administrator, if there is a technical possibility.

5.The person requesting the exercise of this right will be informed of the decision on the possibility of transfer.

6. Additional information.
A complaint regarding the processing of personal data can be submitted to the supervisory authority dealing with the protection of personal data. In the Republic of Poland, the supervisory authority is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
These Regulations apply from May 25, 2018. until further notice and fulfills the legal obligation resulting from art. 13 – 14 GDPR.
Guided by the improvement of the quality of operation and respecting the law, the Company reserves the right to introduce changes and additions to these Regulations.