as a result of tender procedure, the Company acquired three following important orders from PSE S.A.: the modernisation and reconstruction of the Byczyna-Jamki and Byczyna-Koksochemia 220 kV lines, construction of the Baczyna 400/110 kV substation and development of the Pątnów 400/220/110 kV substation, together with the connecting section of the Kromolice-Pątnów 400 kV line. The well advanced development works of the Polkowice 440/220/110 kV station, Czarna 400/110 kV station and Dobrzeń 400/110 kV station are continued. The start of works associated with the construction of a two-circuit Czarna-Polkowice 400 kV line.


the end of assembly works and start-up of the Ełk-Łomża 400 kV line. In a record short time was rectified the extensive breakdown of the Dobrzeń-Trębaczew 400 kV, where it was necessary to re-construct 12 pillars and over 7 km of the line.


the commencement of construction/assembly works of about 86 km long 400 kV Ełk-Łomża power line.


construction/assembly works were completed with the start-up of the most modern in Europe Ołtarzew 400/220/110 kV station.


the completion of the construction of 400 kV and 2 x 110 kV Pasikurowice – Wrocław electrical line on tubular pillars.


the commencement of the construction of the GIS-technique Ołtarzew 400/220/110 kV station, together with line connection sections


the 400 kV line Ostrów – Rogowiec/Trębaczew of 106 km in length was handed over to operation. For the first time in the construction were applied the over-forest pillars needing cutting down trees for the pillar foundation only. The need arose to develop and implement the unwinding methodology of main and lightning protection cables using helicopters.


among the objects handed over to operation the largest and most important was the Plewiska 400/220/110 kV substation.


beginning of the „Construction of the Ostrów – Rogowiec/Trębaczew 400 kV two-circuit overhead electric power line” task execution.


in March the Company obtained the highly appreciated recommendation certificate of the Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA (Polish Electricity Networks JSC).


implementation and certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the PN EN ISO 14001:1998 standard. The Company was the only electrical power construction enterprise having an Integrated System of Quality Assurance and Environmental Management.


the Company’s 50th anniversary. The RW TUV certification confirming compliance with the quality requirements defined by the PN EN ISO 9001:1994 international standard.


the first GIS-technique medium and high voltage switching stations were installed: the Guido 110/20/6 kV substation in Zabrze and Portowa 110 kV substation in Gliwice.


On 1st April the commercial law company was established, and it commenced independent operation as an employee-owned company.


on 17th July the Katowice Provincial Court entered to the register of entrepreneurs the Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Elektroenergetycznego ELBUD in Katowice (Electrical Power Construction Enterprise ELBUD), after 31 years again as an independent enterprise.


in the second half of the year the so called South Bus i.e. the two-circuit 400 kV line from Tucznawa through Byczyna to Skawina was handed over to operation.


a 750 kV power transmission system was handed over to operation


in that year ELBUD Katowice became the largest branch of Elbud enterprise, reaching the headcount of 1043 employees.


the first 110 kV cable power line under construction


the Company was entrusted with the construction of a power transmission system with the highest used voltage of 750 kV. It consisted of the 750/400/110 kV substation in Widełka near Rzeszów and the 750 kV transmission line from Widełka to the national border.


In the first half of the year new electrical substations with record installed power of 573 MVA were handed over to operation, including a prototype, 400/110 kV Pasikurowice one. The unusual achievement was the reconstruction of the Legnica Północ 110/20/6 kV substation after flood damage. It had been completed within 6 weeks.


Elbud Katowice did well as the General Contractor of electrical power objects of Huta Katowice (Katowice Steelworks).


the Ist stage of development of the Pasikurowice 400/110 kV substation was commissioned to operation.


the company moved in a new eight-storey office building, where it has been seated until now;


huge organisation efforts and the commitment of fitters, technicians and engineers resulted in a great success. The 400 kV sections were handed over to operation in Mikułowa and Joachimów substations;


as a result of structural re-organisation, the electrical power construction branch in Poland, continuing the process of construction of the Country Electrical Power System (KSE) using the resources of Electrical Network Construction Works in Katowice, Cracow, Warsaw and Gdańsk, was consolidated and took the name of ELBUD Electrical Power Construction Enterprise with the headquarter in Cracow. The four Works operative until then had been incorporated into the new enterprise;


the second international 220 kV Mikułowa – Berzdorf line, and the first stage of the 400/220 kV Mikułowa station are handed over to operation.


the first control/measurement team was created to operate at substation construction sites.


the name change into „Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Sieci Elektrycznych” (Electricity Network Construction Enterprise) and a legal entity status. Fifteen complete projects handed over to operation, including six 110 kV power lines.;


the establishment of the first independent PBE branch in Katowice;


the establishment of a state-owned enterprise named „Państwowe Budownictwo Elektryczne – PBE” („National Electrical Constructions”), based in Cracow, with the right to develop branches;