Construction of the Baczyna 400/110 kV substation with the connection of Krajnik – Plewiska 400 kV line

The Baczyna 400/110 kV substation will be located in Lubuskie Province (Voivodship), Gorzów County, with total station area of about 10 ha.

The locations of planned 400 kV and 110 kV switchyards of the Baczyna substation do not interfere with any protected areas of the European Ecological Network Nature 2000.

The goals of this project are as follows:

  • development of the transmission network in the country north-west part,
  • increase of the transmission capacity of the National Power System,
  • improvement of the quality of electrical energy transmission and power supply reliability.

The project includes construction of a new 400/110 kV Baczyna substation with the scope as follows:

  1. Construction of a new 400 kV switchyard:
    • assembly of structures and equipment of the 400 kV switchyard bays (as per the Investor’s requirements),
    • connection of the existing 400 kV Krajnik-Plewiska line,
    • connection of a new planned 400 kV Krajnik-Baczyna line,
    • installation of an ATR 400/110 kV autotransformer,
    • installation of the voltage measurement bays.
  2. Construction of a new 110 kV switchyard:
    • assembly of structures and equipment of the 110 kV switchyard bays (as per the Investor’s requirements)),
    • connection of the six 110kV lines: Kostrzyń, Międzyrzec II, Sulęcin, Baczyna, Witnica, Gorzów,
    • installation of the voltage measurement bays.
  3. Development of telecommunication systems and facilities,
  4. Construction of a technical building, container housing for electrical power generation unit, the auxiliaries building, and the fire protection building with a pond.
  5. Construction of the necessary station technical infrastructure (drainage, roads, water/sewage system, etc.).
  6. Connection of the 400 kV Krajnik 1 – Plewiska line to the substation.

The substation will consist of:

  • an outdoor 400 kV switchyard completed in final 3/2 circuit breaker configuration, with complete set of high structures and busbars for 8 branches (22 bays, including 4 voltage measurement bays, 2 busbar connector bays and 16 outflow bays).
  • an outdoor 110 kV switchyard in two-system layout (2S), with complete set of high structures and busbars – 17 bays, of which 12 will be equipped with the existing devices.
  • buildings of the control room and the compressor room auxiliaries of the 220 kV and 110 kV switchyards.

In the future the substation will be developed to make it possible to connect a 220 kV line (a section of the Krajnik – Gorzów line from Baczyna substation to Gorzów substation), and finally the name of the station will be BACZYNA 400/220/110 kV substation.

The contract was concluded in February 2016. The formal/legal procedures are currently in progress.