The order includes:


1. Tree felling and macro leveling of the area for the extension of the 400 kV switching station.
2. Reconstruction of the station fence and ditch.
3. Construction of a new technological building for the 400 kV switching station (technological pavilion “A”)
4. Construction of a 15 kV switchgear building with 15 kV cable lines.
5. Expansion of the 400 kV overhead switching station to 15 bays connected by two busbar systems, sectioned MTS (Mixed TechnologySwitchgear) circuit-breaker modules and with two independent bypass buses operated by two bypass couplings (bypass bus A and bypass coupling A from the side of the inserted lines and bypass B and cross-bypass coupling B on the transformer side).
6. Replacement of worn-out 400 kV apparatus and structures – worn-out apparatus and structures with foundations that do not meet the requirements of PSE S.A. standards will be replaced in the bays of the 400 kV switchgear.
7. Construction of temporary 400 kV overhead bridges in field pitches 4 (2) and 11(8), 14 (11).
8. Reconstruction of the zero span between the end pole and the designed gate of the 400 kV Mościska line.
9. Construction of two sections of 400 kV cable lines in order to interlace, at prepolulation, the 400 kV line direction Mościska and Kozienice Tor 2 (line included in a separate task) and their final introduction to the rebuilt switchgear system.
10. Demolition of a part of the 220 kV switchgear in bays 8, 9, 10 and construction of a voltage measurement bay for systems in bay 7 and line bay 2 on the remaining part of the switchgear.
11. Reconstruction of the 220 kV line entry in the direction of Ostrołęka, including the demolition of the 1-BR span into overhead span and the construction of the 220 kV cable line between the existing pole No. 1 and the constructed bay No. 2 (together with two sets of cable heads and surge arresters at its ends) along with the change of the introduction OPGW.
12. Construction of the necessary infrastructure (roads, autotransformer stand, drainage and drainage systems, cable channels, lighting, etc.).
Construction of a fence for the new 400 kV switchgear area and the new 220 kV switchgear system.