Expansion of the 220/110 kV Bydgoszcz Zachód station

Extension of 220/110 kV Bydgoszcz Zachód substation by a 400 kV switchyard

The development of the Bydgoszcz Zachód 220/110 kV substation is a part of development of the northern region of the National Power System.

The 400 kV switchyard will allow:

  • connection of three overhead 400 kV lines from Piła Krzewina and Jasiniec substations
  • voltage transformation from 400 (220) kV to 110 kV
  • power supply reliability for the Bydgoszcz area 110 kV distribution network.

The switchyard has been designed in two-system layout, and consists of 9 bays with tubular busbar technique, high structures and support structures for the equipment and busbars of the systems No 1 and No 2.

The total scope of work has been divided into two stages:

STAGE I: Construction of the 400 kV substation without connection to the network.

STAGE II: Shutdown and disassembly of the 220 kV switchyard and completion of the construction of 400 kV switchyard. In that stage to the new-built 400 kV substation will be temporarily connected an AT1, 275 MVA autotransformer and three 220 kV lines (Piła Krzewina 1, Piła Krzewina 2 and Jasiniec).

Eventually the switchyard will operate at 400 kV voltage, with AT2 400/110/15 kV autotransformer of 450 MVA capacity.

In the scope of work there is also modernisation of telecommunication systems, and modernisation and development of the secondary circuits:

  • by equipping the new 400 kV bays with systems of electrical protection, automation, control, general signalling, interference recording, energy metering and the Control and Supervision System (SSiN) with fibre-optic cables.
  • by upgrade of the auxiliaries DC and AC power supply system and installation of an electric power generator unit.

The contract was concluded in March 2015. The formal/legal procedures are currently in progress.