Construction of 400 kV + 2×110 kV line Pasikurowice – Wrocław together with extension of Pasikurowice 400/110 kV station by a 400 kV line bay and a central fault recorder

The line was built in the area of five communities of Lower Silesia province. The investment was considered a Euro 2012 project.

The Pasikurowice – Wrocław power line 400 + 2 × 110 kV is the connection between the 400/110 kV Pasikurowice substation and 400/110 kV Wrocław substation. This is a multi-circuit and two-voltage line, what significantly reduces the ground footprint of the construction. For about 7 km the 400 kV line and two 110 kV lines Bielany Wrocławskie – Wrocław and Żórawina – Wrocław run together.

The line consists of a 47,5 km long section of three-conductor bundles (3 × AFL-8 350 mm2) of a 400 kV overhead power line and a 110 kV line where single conductors of AFL-8 350 mm2 type have been applied. For tube pylons mono-block pile foundations have been applied, and for lattice towers – the four-pad footing technique has been used. Two kinds of pylons have been used as support structures:

  • tubular pylons – solid wall structure (at the moment of the line construction it was applied for the first time in our country). Due to small base dimensions they do not require – in contrast to lattice pylons – any considerable foundation surface area; moreover, as the line route runs primarily through lowlands, the tubular pylons are not dominant elements in the landscape,
  • lattice pylons – used to meet the real load conditions at a specific position. They were applied for the construction of the over-forest line section, to eliminate the need of excessive tree removal.

Every pylon and foundation was designed separately for the specific position, and the quality of the designed foundations and pylons was tested.

The main objectives of this line construction were:

  • improvement of the Lower Silesia region power supply parameters and reliability,
  • meeting the growing demand on electrical energy and power supply stability in the western part of Poland,
  • improvement of the interaction of Bełchatów and Bełchatów II power stations with the transmission network,
  • improvement of the reliability of the National Power System,
  • reduction of losses in the transmission of electrical energy.

The line crosses with a number of objects, of which the most important ones are: A4 motorway, A8 ring road motorway, national and provincial roads, 110 kV power lines, PKP railroads and Odra and Oława rivers. On the request of the object owners some line sections had to be reconstructed to eliminate in total 17 medium voltage infrastructure conflicts.

In October 2008 the contract of this project was concluded, and the construction works commenced in November 2009. The construction works were completed in May 2011.